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The folding awning system is a system produced for use in a wider areas, in the winter gardens, hotels, restaurants, cafes and patisseries.
No matter what the weather conditions are, it will not rust, crack or cause any disruption in its operation. It does not effect negatively the architectural image outdoors.
Our folding awning products are produced from aluminum profiles. The system and the led lights in the system are controlled by a remote control. Led lights are hidden inside aluminum profiles. There is a gutter system on the front side of the product. Furthermore, the system is designed to operate completely without any problems by using stainless inox connection bolts and parts during its assemly.
The operation of the system is ensured by folding and pulling back the awning on it at a certain speed. If desired, it can block the sun or benefit from the sun.
The Folding Awning System is a completely safe, robust and watertight. The fabrics used have a blackout feature, are fireproof and are not affected by the sun.

1) Rail awning system, PVC-based three-layer Black-Out fabric

2) The total weight of the fabric is 850/m2/kg. It preserves its characteristics between -30 °C/+70 °C. (DIN 53361)

3) Tensile strength is N for 32/28

4) The fabric is waterproof, non-corrosive, lightproof and flameproof.

5) Fabric and roving combinations are manufactured with HF high frequency at 25 KW using fully automatic welding machine.

6) The system is designed to withstand 10 cm snow load and 6 wind force on Bofor scale.

7) The engine works even behind a reinforced concrete wall thanks to the remote control safe RTS technology and the antenna integrated into the engine with a long range.

8) The system works with remote control radio signal. Modulation type AM 433–92 Mhz TGM approved frequency band and CE certified transceiver (synchronous) are used.

9) Each module consists of 3 carrier axles with a mechanism. Carrier Rail axle profiles are 6060 hydr Norwegian origin thermal 12 aluminium with honeycomb lattice and 75x120x2mm dimensions.

10) Rain evacuation Corrugated front beam profiles are made of 6060 hydr Norwegian origin thermal 12 aluminum with 150mm x 150mm x 2,5mm cross-section dimensions.

11) Carrier leg profiles are made of 6060 hydr Norwegian origin thermal 12 aluminum with 130mm x 90mm x 2,5mm cross-section dimensions.

12) Concealed led is used in aluminum cornices.

13) Rail awning system provides movement with T10 timing belt (steel supported).

14) Electrostatic powder paint is applied.

15) Water and wind proof wicks are used on the aluminum system and fabric joint surfaces.

16) T10 Timing belt tensioner box has an easy-to-reach cover that can be adjusted easily.

17) On the BLACK-OUT membrane, drop water-tight water collection, silicone elastic gaiters and channels are applied to the system channels.

18) When the system is in the closed position, a 85 cm protection roof is made of trapezoidal sheet metal in the fabric collection area.

19) Metal construction is covered with electrostatic paint on the galvanized surface.

20) Aluminum profiles are used in the starting and locomotive 62x 80 mm sections for the moving roof axles and 62mmx45mm sections for the intermediate axles.

21) A pair of moving wheels is attached to each axle.

22) The system is designed in accordance with the conditions of all four seasons.

23) Mechanism is guaranteed for 2 years, remote control motor for 2 years, Black-out fabric for 2 years. 

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