About Us

"The emphasis on the quality of materials used in production, coupled with our application solutions during the assembly stage, ensures that all products implemented in spaces become valuable investments in the future.

Our product development department generates solutions to meet customer demands, combining elegant designs with a focus on durability and user-friendliness. This commitment aims to provide the comfort of the future."

Building Services

  • Aluminum Framing (Insulated-Non-Insulated Series)
  • Aluminum Railing (With Glazed-Barrier)
  • Aluminum Composite Panel With Facade Coating
  • Aluminum Clothing
  • Aluminum Silicone Clothing
  • Aluminum Sliding Glass Systems (Threshold-Unique Sliding Systems)
  • Glass Balcony
  • Guiotine Glass Balcony
  • Moving Rails
  • Pergole Systems
  • Sexual Shutter
  • Door Systems With Automatic-Sensor
  • Shower

Glass Consultancy

  • We meet one-on-one with the decision makers in all processes from the glass selection stage to your projects and offer solution partnerships for their problems.
  • We make thermal fracture, performance and static calculations for your projects.
  • In accordance with our calculations, we offer our glass specification suggestions.
  • We offer the right glass solutions according to the needs of your projects
  • We provide sample support for your projects.

Production Technologies

  • Aluminum double case cnc cutting machine
  • Aluminum single head cnc cutting machine
  • Aluminum Corner Press Machine
  • Aluminum Milling Machines
  • Aluminum Notching Machine
  • 4 axis milling machine
  • Powder coating processing machines
  • Laser welding machine

Our Mission

"Our mission is to continually enhance the quality of our products and services, meeting customer demands and expectations at the highest level. We aim to establish an emotional connection with our consumers through strong communication and foster customer loyalty. Our focus is on providing services in our fields of expertise with the latest and highest technology and methods that are applicable. We strive to either meet or exceed customer expectations by offering services that provide maximum product comfort within reasonable pricing. Our goal is to deliver seamless solutions that add value to living spaces for many years."

Our vision

"Our vision is to establish lasting excellence by creating distinctions, providing corporate-level solutions for small, medium, and large-scale projects in the manufacturing sector, and professional assembly services. We strive to build the best structures for our customers. In the construction industry, our goal is to maintain user and employee satisfaction at the highest level through superior technology and diverse productions, both domestically and internationally. We aim to create a brand value in the industry."

"For detailed information,
please get in touch with us."

Hemen Ara