Giyotin Systems

Cleanable Guillotine Glass Systems

It is an alternative solution for high-rise buildings, restaurants, cafes, hotels and patisseries. All windows can be wiped because the bottom window can be opened in the system. The windows move horizontally, up and down. The system moves with a motor. Start can be given by a button or a remote control. Both can be applied. 4+16+4 mm tempered glass is used. (The combination can be changed optionally.)
It provides insulation thanks to 67 x 1200 bristle wicks in the aluminum case on the sides. A durable belt with 20 mm x 25 mm inner rope that lifts the windows is used. It provides silent operation. (Optionally, it can be used in chain instead of belt.)
There are 8 ball bearings on each wing that allows the windows to move freely in the side channels and takes their space. 20 systems can be controlled with a single remote control. You can stop the windows wherever you want. When the system is on, 3 windows stand side by side, so they act as a glass railing. When the system is turned off, it provides sound, heat and water insulation. It is safe. It does not require a lock.
You can leave it open as much as you want from the top to the bottom and ventilate the area without feeling the discomfort of the wind.

1) The internal space of the plinths is 24 mm in total. Optional glass thickness can be changed.

2) Aluminum wall thickness is 2 mm.

3) Optional glass number can be applied as 2 or 3 in the system.

4) Thanks to the durable chain used in the system, the windows move up and down easily and silently. Optionally, a durable belt with a 20 mm x 25 mm inner rope can be used.

5) We have 8 steel and stainless steel bearings on our side rails so that our windows can go up and down in a balanced way.

6) Optional (LCF, BECKER, CUPON or SOMFY MOTOR) is used in our systems.

7) Our maximum dimensions are 5500mm in width and 2200mm in height. Dimensions can be changed optionally in combination.

8) Thanks to our supported profiles, there is no stretching or swaying in any condition.

9) With a single control, 20 systems can be operated at once.

10) When it is closed, it locks itself and cannot be opened from the outside or inside.

11) Thanks to the add-on side rails in our system, in case of any modification or glass breakage, the modification process can be easily done without damaging the system and without dismantling the product.

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Hemen Ara