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Facade Coating

Our company, which is your first choice with its high quality workmanship and friendly staff among Eskişehir Facade Coating Companies, continues to serve in the field of facade coating.


Slicon Curtain Wall Systems


The aluminum profile is not visible when looking from outside. Glass joints have 15mm depth and 15mm width joint. Thanks to the double EPDM seal, no seal silicone is drawn between the glass panels. This prevents the formation of shadows between the glass panels. If desired, any selected glass panel can be turned into a concealed flap (regardless of which one is opened). An optional Compact laminate or composite panel is applied to the end points of the glass panels. This application adds elegance and elegance to your structures.


Composite Panel Cladding


Compact laminates are decorative panels on both sides, formed by printing heat-cured and melamine-based resin impregnated kraft papers under high pressure and temperature. The compact laminate products, thanks to their durable technical properties and innovative antibacterial structure, make them perfect for heavy traffic, damp areas and hygienic areas. Compact laminates, which can be used alone, with thicknesses of 12 mm and above, can be processed in any type, allowing for ease of installation and unlimited creativity.


Eskisehir Facade Cladding

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