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Composite Facade

Eskişehir Composite Veneer panels are produced with advanced technology, are easily used in modern architecture and is a preferred building element of most customers. It helps to produce new looks and modern lines for every kind of bin.


Aluminum Composite The façade is covered with aluminum sheets on both sides and the inside is composite sheets with polyethylene filling. Granite and wood patterns are available, as well as many color options. Composite Facade is preferred as a complementary element in aesthetic architecture.


Advantages of Aluminum Composite Facade;


Composite façade is durable and long lasting.

Composite Facade is lighter than most facade cladding materials.

Composite Façade is resistant to impacts and breakage.

Composite Facades are easy to process.

Composite Facades are easy to clean and maintain.

Composite Façades are available in a wide range of colors.

Composite Facades feature vibration absorption. Provides high resistance to corrosion.


Eskişehir Composite Facade Aluminum composite panels have become a preferred building material due to their usability on internal and external surfaces of buildings. Please contact us to get quality services with reasonable price guarantee.