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Glass Balcony

Esvera Glass has adopted the principle of 100% quality and 100% customer satisfaction as the main principle in the Glass Balconies it manufactures and has succeeded to become the industry leader in Eskişehir Glass Balcony sector in a short time with its own production of glass balcony applications.


We apply Eskisehir Glass Balcony solutions


Sun Roof Winter Garden

Economic Glass Balcony

Threshold Sliding Glass Balcony

Folding Threshold

Showcase Glass

Sliding Glass Balcony

Winter garden

Oval Glass Balcony

Showcase Glass

Technicial Specifications


Glass For our balcony applications, the glass thickness is 8 mm and the Bottle Glass brand is used. Aluminum with a wall thickness of 2.3 mm is preferred. All the plastic parts used in the glass balcony are ABS plastic and the wheels are steel bearings. The roving is aluminum. Hair wick is 1600-1800 pieces per 1 cm and rain-corrugated aluminum is preferred.


Kurtoğlu Aluminum and BKS Aluminum profiles are used as aluminum profiles in our products. All glass balcony models we produce are under the quality and assurance of Esvera Cam.


Eskisehir Glass Balcony

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